About Us

Envisioned in 2005 and materialized in Feb 2006, VTS is the leader and pioneer in visually customizable computer Software / network security access management and reporting applications etc.

Software Development: Our Visual Designer Technology allows for customer- specific applications to be developed in days rather than months or years. Previous technology either required use of overly large force and complexion of various data which performed slowly and required product-specific training / refresher courses.

Web Development: The technology that we are using to develop web sites and online web application enable our customers to have a fast, secure, robust, platform independent and portable technology access.

Our technology allows the customer to create exactly what they need to control their daily operations without burdening the Administrator or requiring computer experts.

VTS Other Involvement:

The VTS deals with following:

  • Software Consultancy
  • Graphic Designing
  • Maintenance Services
  • Networking
  • Security Camera's Installation
  • Audit
  • Data Entry
  • Project Based Training / Refresher Courses

Virtual Technology Solutions (VTS) also provide the above service to Govt. and Non-Govt. Organization / Business / Companies.

Virtual Technology Solutions (VTS) have a highly professional Graphic Designers that has the capabilities to handle each type of designs and graphics expertly with a minimum time frame and unique attractive design.