Ever since the big bang and the consolidation of universe, the knowledge is expanding in all directions. The expansion of knowledge stems from Allah Al-Mighty, the sole creator of all and the quest of human beings. Our Almighty Creator is the fountain of knowledge who had been dropping droplets, through his chosen prophets to the mankind. The people have been exploring, evaluating and inventing articles of use through permutation and combination. The initiative of knowledge rolled over the old thoughts and trumpeted the new ideas, theories and usage. But it has a common discourse or disregarding the obsolete or less efficient to be replaced with new or more efficient and productive articles. The development and expansion of knowledge gas changed the face of earth. The expansion of knowledge has induced phenomenal growth in the physical, material and other natural resources, making the supplies abundant for 6 billion till date, with their shortages , diseases and famine all around, when the population was much less in 15 or 16 century.
We are on a continuous growth through consistent striving for international recognition and accreditation to be a futuristic organization in testing and assessment services. We are making strong efforts to take a challenge of stretching our wings across the borders for launching our current as well as new testing and assessment products in international markets like Afghanistan, China, old Soviet States and OIC member countries, and to avail the gigantic opportunity to be recognized as Asian Leader in the Testing and Assessment industry.